The first THREE jobs I had out of college all said the same thing during the interview:
"I see you have Tae Kwon Do on your resume..."
and that would launch into a long discussion about martial arts. It had absolutely nothing to do with the job but got me talking on friendly terms with the interviewer instead of the… » 10/27/14 8:41am Monday 8:41am

This plays great with Google's strategy of dominating the Android app market by breaking all their apps into little pieces that replicate behavior with minor differences... Quickoffice then Google Drive begat Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides, Android Gallery vs. G+ Photos, Google News & Weather vs. Google Newsstand vs.… » 10/22/14 1:47pm 10/22/14 1:47pm

I don't get it. Abstracting the device via iTunes was one of the reasons I jumped ship for Android. I don't want to ask an app's permission to move my files around to designated location, I just want to put them where I want them. Maybe I have the wrong mentality and this product just isn't for me. » 9/25/14 8:11am 9/25/14 8:11am