I hate that everything is at the top except an occasional button at the bottom. Look at the LastPass screenshot - menu, label, search at the top, action button at the bottom. Gah I hate that! Now I find myself scanning all over the screen to find the correct menu/button.
» 4/10/15 10:22am 4/10/15 10:22am

I installed one of those "5 minute" fans a couple of summers ago and they are definitely more than 5 minutes. Even this video, with cuts, is 20m long. Don't be fooled by the 5m claim. And if your ceiling box isn't mounted to a joist then you're crawling up in the attic on a 100F day and framing in additional… » 4/10/15 9:31am 4/10/15 9:31am

Every time I’ve flown through O’Hare, EVERY TIME, the plane hops gates at least one time.
Gate 20: “If you’re waiting for flight XYZ, your plane will now be taking off 30 minutes late from gate 80.”
walk the entire length of the concourse with luggage and kids...
Gate 80: “If you’re waiting for flight XYZ, your plane… » 4/07/15 6:34pm 4/07/15 6:34pm