I've learned from a few friends that leaving a bad tip sends a bigger message than not tipping at all. If you don't tip then the server will often assume you forgot, somebody else in the party was supposed to tip, you tipped with cash and another customer swiped it, etc. But if you write down "$0.03" then the server… » 7/25/14 10:22am 7/25/14 10:22am

I bought the c720 via the BestBuy trade-in and it's pretty good. It's definitely not a replacement for your Windows desktop machine but when you're on the go and need a web browser, email, Dropbox and Google Drive it does just fine. The c720 has incredible battery life and it's so light it's great for traveling. » 6/07/14 9:23pm 6/07/14 9:23pm

I like Yahoo Weather except for the nightmare that is the map. There is no way to turn off the "physical" layer, the map can't be put in motion, it starts zoomed waaaay out (no joking, it fits about 300 miles north/south) and if you zoom in too far the weather overlay disappears. » 5/14/14 9:23pm 5/14/14 9:23pm

Another way to get them excited is to install something they're passionate about. MLB@Bat, recipe search, sudoku, weather, etc. That way they learn the difference between a feature phone and a smart phone. No sense in getting them a smart phone if they're just going to use it as a phone. But make sure you vet any… » 5/02/14 9:15am 5/02/14 9:15am

Using the UI Fixer extension you could remove the orange button and free up some space. Now the hamburger can't be removed, the bookmarks button takes up twice as much space, extensions in the url/search bar are all spaced out, tabs are bigger. There is so much wasted space now. Every single thing in the default… » 4/29/14 10:18am 4/29/14 10:18am